The gays stopped my cream cakes…   4 comments

I don’t think gay couples should be married in church; then I think it is a bad idea for any Chesterfield-20120521-00035couple to get married in such a ridiculous institution!

It doesn’t matter one bit whether a couple is of the same gender when deciding if they can marry.  The Civil Partnership offers most of the equivalent benefits but anything short of full marriage is discrimination.   What makes people happy without hurting others is what counts.

I am pleased that a Conservative administration that just a few years ago passed the draconian legislation under the Local Government Act is now championing equality for gay relationships.  The infamous clause 28 of that 1988 Act stated that no local authority should “promote the teaching in any maintained school of the acceptability of homosexuality as a pretended family relationship.”  Now Cameron seems to be fighting the bigots in his own party to force equality through.

It looked for a while that churches and religious institutions would not be considered in the forthcoming legislation.  However by not legislating specifically it might mean that superstitious groupings who do not want to allow all loving couples to avail themselves of the facilities might find themselves under pressure from Human Rights interventions.

Now if the those with big buildings who believe in sky fairies don’t want to include certain people in their silly games then I suggest that any sensible prospective brides and brides or grooms and grooms keep well clear.  As far as I know all that Yeshua/Jesus  thought on the subject was that a wedding needed wine and he wasn’t going to pay for it!

Some married theists think that allowing gays to marry somehow undermines their own relationships.  I am not sure how such a positive step should change what they get out of their own loving partnerships; they should just not stop others having the same opportunity.

I have even heard some suggest that allowing same-sex marriages in their churches has some effect on them as worshippers.  I have a suggestion- if you don’t like the idea of two men or two women marrying then don’t go to the wedding!  I am sure the happy couple will be even happier not to have you there.

The church my family is associated with have Weight Watchers there on a Monday night.  This has no real consequence for my family or any of the religious attendees.  It does not mean that by osmosis that they cannot eat cream cakes or gorge on bacon.

I hope that gay couples will soon be able to marry.  I don’t care whether this means they can wed in church as for most it is a nice setting rather than a commitment to any superstition.  I also hope they can still eat cream cakes!


4 responses to “The gays stopped my cream cakes…

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  1. Most people agree. Of course gay people should be able to marry. It makes a few people very happy, and does not affect the objectors in any way. And the Church will still be able to refuse to marry gay people, for as long as they want to.

  2. I am a believer in the principles of marriage and I think the Church should decide for itself if it wants to allow Gay couples to marry. I am interested to hear what people who believe it should be made law to allow Gay people to marry in church think about forcing other religions i.e. Muslim, Jewish to follow suit?

    From a personal point of view I dont care but pressure should be put on every religion in this country if people feel strongly enough not just easy religious targets.

  3. Mark

    The proposed legislation will allow but not force same-sex weddings in any religious building except CofE and the Church of Wales; it seems the state religion is allowed to discriminate by law! All other religious buildings are to be allowed to host gay marriages but it will need the agreement of the local administration and the parent institution. Some such as the Society of Friends (Quakers) are very keen to go ahead. However I expect it will be a long time before two men or two women marry in any mainstream mosque but it will be allowed in law.

    I know there are some venues that are uncomfortable with civil ceremonies and gay receptions even though such discrimination is potentially illegal. I wonder if there are any in your field of work who don’t relish photographing a wedding where it is a same-sex couple?

  4. I’ve not come across anyone who has a problem photographing same sex civil ceremonies, I certainly wouldn’t. You may be surprised to hear, though, that I have heard of instances whereby same sex couples would prefer not to have a straight photographer! Sometimes discrimination is not just one way traffic..

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