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Ahomeopathy is not a religion!   Leave a comment

I find it terrible when just because I don’t believe in homeopathy some think this is akin to a new religion. My ahomeopathy doesn’t define me and cannot be compared to those who believe in unsubstantiated medical miracles, mythical creatures or invented deities.

Basically I don’t believe in any of that non-scientific crap. However as well as a skeptic, I am a rationalist and realise that there is always the possibility that science will find evidence that I might have to consider. That is the raison d’etre of intelligent scientific principle- rational adaptation, thesis and antithesis. Unfortunately for the medical fundamentalists you have to start from a vaguely sensible position.

If your theory depends on a ridiculous medical proposition, an unsupported indication of alien abduction or an unproven bloke in the sky making a mess of running the universe then you start from a more than unsound position. If you define your life on that theory rather than just getting on and living then more fool you.

My life is not defined by the fact that I think all homeopaths are either fools or frauds. I will go on twitter (as @face_of_weevil) and gently take the piss out of the advocates of alternative medicine but exposing that crap is such a small part of who I am. Despite the fact that I will also ridicule other sorcery such as religion that apposition to superstition does not define me. Freedom from unfounded faith, dogma, ignorance and superstition might better indicate who I am.

There are those so set in their irrational ways that they feel it is right to insult me by comparing my opposition to their faith to a position equivalent to that superstition. Yes I know that homeopathy is false so call me an ahomeopathic but don’t ever call it my religion!