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This morning I walked with my wife and our dogs to look at my wife’s new allotment.  It will take a lot of hard work to get things growing there!  We will have to do all the digging, planting and watering (there is no nearby tap for dry spells so we will have to be creative or lug vast amounts water there.)  There will be sun and some rain but I am not relying on anything supernatural to help me.

I then sorted out a few things for my kids.  Having children was a lifestyle choice and I don’t regret and love them.  At present they are less trouble day-to-day than the dogs but considerably more expensive.  Having a family is a social expectation and physiological means of prolonging your memory but it is not a gift from god.

I listened to the commentary on my football team and hated the fact that “we” lost.  I didn’t impeach any invisible friend to help them in the match; win or lose it is down to the eleven on the pitch and the management.  I will give credit to the twelfth man, the fans at games, because their input can influence the dynamics of the game unlike any deities.

As it’s Saturday there was no work.  However my job involves a forensic analysis to solve crime.  That crime is against society and not any religious teaching.  If I am called to give evidence I affirm rather than swear on any of the works of fiction offered as an alternative.

Later I did do some work around the community project I volunteer for.  As a trustee of a charity I cannot be paid for this work.  I do it to help my local community and because I feel it is the right thing to do.  However I do get pleasure when projects work or I see individuals helped by the work we do.  I don’t do it because I expect any reward after I die; when I am gone that is it!

I am an atheist; I don’t think my lack of belief in any supernatural interventions affected anything I did today.  It did give me a lot more freedom and a total absence of guilt.

But I am a husband, father, government investigator, football fan and community volunteer before I am an atheist.  There are some who preface all they do with “Christian”, “Muslim”, or (I suspect) “alien-abductee-ist.”  I pity them.


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